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Classic Web.Designs is the right company for you and your business.   Started in April of 1997, Classic Web.Designs is still in its infancy.  However, its dedicated employees have over fifty years of internet and web design experience between them.  This experience is yours for the taking,...

  • We are here to serve your every need and keep you and your site up to date with the latest technology and services, such as ActiveX, Dynamic HTML, and Push Technology.  

  • We can keep you filled in on who's coming to your site.  

  • We can create client-interactive sites that keep users coming back.  

  • We can update your site as often as the information you want advertised changes.  

  • As new technology becomes available, we can keep your site fresh and cutting-edge. 

  • Your site is a reflection of our abilities, and we take that very seriously. Thank you for coming by and visiting. We hope you will consider using our services for your world wide web needs.

Who we are:


Classic Web.Designs is made up of two teams:  A design team, and a business team.

The design team has over fifty years combined experience in everything from writing "blind" HTML with a text editor,  to using the latest in authoring tools such as Microsoft® FrontPage™ .  In addition, they are constantly updating their skills in all aspects of web design and technology so that they can remain competent in providing whatever your WWW needs may be.

The business team has over ten years of combined experience in customer-service related industry.  They are well aware of just how important the client is to a business such as ours, and you can rest assured that they will always be prompt, courteous, efficient, and helpful in any situation.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call or send us an e-mail.

Voice:  (727) 866-2616

The Classic Web.Designs Teams


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